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Welcome to our Consular Hub. Here you will find useful information and resources to support you when assisting Irish citizens returning to Ireland from abroad.

We work closely with the Dublin-based Consular Directorate of the Department of Foreign Affairs to assist citizens returning in need of support. We also provide information to Irish embassy and consulate personnel all over the world, including through the Department of Foreign Affairs Regional Training Programme.


Consular Booklet: Returning Citizens

This booklet contains information for staff of Irish Consular Services who are providing consular assistance to Irish citizens returning to the Republic of Ireland from abroad, particularly those returning in distress.

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Note on Emergency Travel Documents

Be aware that Emergency Travel Documents will usually be retained by Passport Control on arrival in Ireland. As this may be the only documentation the person has to evidence who they are, please provide them with a paper or electronic copy of the document.

Template Letter from Embassy/Consulate

Download this template letter of support as an example of what to provide in the event the person you are assisting will need urgent access to statutory supports upon return to Ireland (e.g. social welfare or emergency accommodation).

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We provide information on supporting returning citizens via the Department of Foreign Affairs Regional Training Programme for consular staff and at pre-posting sessions for new staff. Please contact your colleagues in the training department to learn more. You can also contact us if you would like further information.

Need Our Help?


Referrals to our service must be made via the Consular Directorate in Dublin. You can contact them by internal email or by phone at +353 1 408 2527.

Complex cases

For complex cases, please contact us directly with further details as we can review the case and provide you with information that may be of assistance. To contact us, complete our ‘Get Help’ form, selecting ‘Looking for help for someone else’ and providing further details.

General information

If you are aware of someone who would benefit from general information about returning to Ireland, you can share our contact details in order for them to contact us directly.

Add us to your website!

Does your website include information for new arrivals and returning Irish citizens? You can list us there as a resource, i.e. Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project provides useful information and support for Irish people moving abroad and returning home to Ireland. Visit 

Page last updated on 12 February, 2024

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