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At Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project, our mission has always been to offer a helping hand to Irish citizens around the world, ensuring they stay connected and receive the support they need, no matter where they are. Today, we had the privilege of meeting our colleagues the Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas (ICPO) at Maynooth University. This visit was a remarkable opportunity to strengthen our mutual commitment to supporting Irish emigrants.

The ICPO plays a crucial role in supporting Irish citizens abroad. Founded in 1985, the ICPO specialises in assisting Irish nationals who find themselves incarcerated in foreign countries. They provide essential services such as information, welfare visits, and emotional support to Irish prisoners and their families. Their work is instrumental in helping 1,100 individuals in 35 countries navigate complex foreign legal systems and prepare for and resettle upon release from prison, ensuring they are not left isolated and vulnerable.

The ICPO is a close partner in our work supporting Irish citizens returning to Ireland, with an emphasis on those most in need. Our recent visit to ICPO’s Maynooth office provided a platform for the exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices, which will undoubtedly enhance the services offered to Irish citizens in need. During our meeting, representatives from both organisations engaged in meaningful discussions about our work the unique challenges faced by Irish prisoners overseas, and those faced by Irish citizens upon return. We explored ways to deepen our cooperation and ensure that no Irish national feels abandoned or isolated, regardless of their circumstances.

Our visit to the ICPO underscores the power of collaboration and our unwavering commitment to supporting Irish emigrants, no matter their circumstances. Together with organisations like ICPO, we continue to work tirelessly to provide assistance and advocate for the rights and welfare of Irish nationals abroad and upon return to Ireland.

Sincere thanks to everyone the ICPO for their hospitality and we look forward to continuing to work together.

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