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Project Leader Sarah Owen and Communications Officer Lucia Guzikowski were delighted to represent Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project on the From My Home To Yours Podcast. The From My Home To Yours podcast follows the journey of couple Bernadine (Irish) and Matt (Australian) moving their lives from Australia to Ireland. They leave no stone unturned as they discuss the logistics and planning needed to make the journey successful and the emotional upheaval of making a new life together halfway across the world.

Tune in to Episode 14, ‘Preparation is Key!’, for Sarah and Lucia’s wide-ranging conversation with host Matt covering everything from the strength of the Global Irish community to what you need to know when planning an international move (spoiler alert: we are here to help and you can find resources  here on our new website). Sarah, Lucia, and Matt also discuss various immigration considerations when returning to Ireland with a non-EU spouse or partner, which you can read more about here. Sarah even weighs in on the heated Lyons vs. Barry’s debate!

Listen now below via Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. To learn more about From My Home To Yours, like and subscribe to the show on your platform of choice so you never miss one of their brilliant episodes, follow the pod on Instagram @fmhtypodcast, and/or click here. You can get in touch with the pod at and submit any questions you may have on returning to Ireland – stay tuned for special collaborations between From My Home To Yours and Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project coming soon.

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