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Established in 2022, Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project was born out of a rich history of emigrant advice. Ireland’s history, and indeed our own, is inextricably linked to (e)migration, resulting in a vast and diverse diaspora reaching into virtually every corner of the world. Emigration empowers Ireland to punch above its weight, forging global connections that outstrip the country’s size.

Through this dedicated service, Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project builds on the critical Irish diaspora information and advocacy work that Crosscare Migrant Project has carried out for over 15 years. Our historic ties to housing, welfare, and immigration supports within Crosscare afford us with the expertise and resources to meet the unique needs of the Irish diaspora.

  • 2023

    2023: Launched

    Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project launched a comprehensive new online platform to support, inform, and connect Ireland’s global diaspora at Key features include leaving/returning to Ireland information, Irish Diaspora Directory, and a Knowledge Hub for peer organisations and those working in consular roles.

  • 2022

    2022: Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project established

    Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project was established as a dedicated service supporting the global Irish community, born out of the critical diaspora advice and advocacy that Crosscare Migrant Project spearheaded for over fifteen years. Based in Dublin, Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project offers unique support services to meet the bespoke needs of Irish diaspora at all stages of their emigration journey – intending, current, and return. Crosscare Migrant Project’s immigration work continues—learn more at

  • 2019

    2019: De Facto Preclearance process established

    Preclearance process established for Irish citizens returning with non-EU/EEA citizen de facto partners following our ongoing engagement with the Department of Justice

  • 2015

    2015: launch

    Crosscare Migrant Project launches ‘Mind How You Go’ website, an innovative, online mental health resource based on our research of the same name featuring advice from 500 recent emigrants.

  • 2015

    2015: Crosscare promotes engagement amongst Irish emigrant support organisations

    ‘Global Networking Hub’ established to promote linkages and collaboration between Emigrant Support Programme funded groups.

  • 2010

    2010: Crosscare successfully advocates for amendments to Habitual Residence Condition guidelines

    Specific reference to returning Irish emigrants and their assessment for social welfare payments included, based on our recommendations made on behalf of our clients

  • 2007

    2007: ‘Crosscare Migrant Project’ established

    To reflect the work being undertaken with new migrants coming to Ireland, as well as Irish emigrants and returning emigrants, Emigrant Advice was renamed ‘Crosscare Migrant Project’. To read more about Crosscare Migrant Project’s history, click here.

  • 1987

    1987: ‘Emigrant Advice’ service grows

    Emigrant Advice was set up in response increasing numbers of Irish people leaving Ireland in the 1980s. It later expanded to support Irish emigrants returning to Ireland from abroad. This service was fully integrated into the Crosscare organisation by the 1990s.

  • 1941

    1941: Crosscare founded

    Our parent body Crosscare, was established as a social support agency by the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. To learn more about Crosscare’s history, click here.

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