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Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project is a specialised service aimed at supporting Ireland’s global diaspora communities. We offer advice, information, and advocacy support to Irish citizens leaving or returning to Ireland, especially those in vulnerable situations.

Our Name

Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project reflects the core focus of our service: the provision of support to members of Ireland’s diaspora. Though established as Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project in 2022, we have been supporting Irish emigrants since the late 1980s – first as Emigrant Advice, and later as part of Crosscare Migrant Project. Since then we have supported thousands of Irish people through their emigration and return migration journey. Read more about what we do.

Our Logo

The graphic in our logo represents a dandelion. Dandelions are one of Ireland’s most successful wildflowers, growing almost everywhere thanks to their pappus. We see the dandelion as representative of our Irish diaspora, who have made their homes the world over. By including the logo of the Government of Ireland and our parent body Crosscare, we acknowledge their invaluable funding and continued support.



Our Team


Governance and Funding

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