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Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project’s mission is to provide information, advocacy and referral supports to Irish citizens who are leaving Ireland, living abroad, or returning to Ireland, particularly those experiencing difficulty with accessing appropriate supports.


Diaspora support is at the heart of what we do.

Every year we assist hundreds of Irish citizens and their families, providing pre-departure information, connecting people leaving Ireland to supports abroad, and guiding returning Irish emigrants through their resettlement in Ireland – all with a particular focus on supporting people who are marginalised and in crisis situations.

Our Impact in Numbers


Clients served in 2023

Our direct service provided information and advocacy to 522 Irish citizens in 2023.


Number of Interventions

Interventions include every action associated with supporting a client.


Individuals supported in 2023

The total number of clients and their family members who availed of our direct service in 2023.


Our advocacy work is informed by issues affecting members of Ireland’s diaspora whom we support on a daily basis. Through research, we contribute to an expanded understanding of Ireland’s diverse diaspora. This research also informs the provision of our information and advocacy service for Irish emigrants and returning emigrants.

We advocate on behalf of Ireland’s diaspora in two ways:

  • Individual Advocacy – Our Irish diaspora support service provides individual advocacy support to Irish citizens denied access to their rights and entitlements upon return to Ireland. This involves engaging with local authorities around refusal of access to homeless and social housing supports, and undertaking appeals with the Social Welfare Appeals Office for disallowances of claims.
  • Advocacy Campaigns – Our advocacy campaigns are directly informed by the needs and experiences of returned Irish citizens engaging with our service and aims to promote solutions to common challenges. We identify barriers and campaign for policy change with key stakeholders at both national and local levels. Over the years, we have successfully advocated for change around the application of the Habitual Residence Condition and expansion of immigration preclearance to de facto partners of Irish citizens returning from abroad.
Policy and Research Work

Priority Issues

We campaign for change around key issues, and our policy priorities are directly influenced and informed by our Irish diaspora support service. These issues include:

  • The Habitual Residence Condition as a barrier for returned Irish citizens seeking social welfare support
  • Emergency accommodation access for Irish citizens who have been repatriated or deported back to Ireland
  • Foreign Birth Registration processing delays
  • Immigration permission for visa-required spouses and partners of returning emigrants


Working in partnership is central to everything that we do. Together with our clients, national and international partners (including our parent body Crosscare), we work to achieve positive change for Ireland’s diaspora.

We are one of approximately 170 groups funded by the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme to support Irish emigrants in vulnerable situations. As part of this network, we believe in the power of working together for the benefit of Irish citizens around the world.

Working with Global Irish and consular partners, we promote collaboration and best practice by partnering on interagency initiatives, offering peer support and training, cooperating on complex client cases, and ensuring we are connected to new and emerging issues facing Ireland’s diaspora. In Ireland, we work closely with Irish civil society groups and state agencies to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

We engage with a broad range of Irish diaspora groups to empower Irish citizens to make informed decisions about their migration, partnering to provide join information sessions to both intending and returning Irish emigrants.

Collaborative work in 2023


Global Irish Partners

The number of Irish organisations that we engaged with in 2023.


Information Events

Ranging from information sessions on leaving Ireland to those targeting returning Irish emigrants.


Training Sessions

Peer sessions facilitated with our NGO and Consular partners on our areas of expertise.

“Crosscare is one of the Government’s key strategic partners... Through its Irish Diaspora Support Project, Crosscare has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the needs of Irish people who have been living abroad but have decided to return home are met. As Minister for Diaspora, I look forward to continuing to support Crosscare’s invaluable work.”

Seán Fleming TDMinister of State Department of Foreign Affairs (International Development and Diaspora)

“Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project is a long-time and valued collaborative partner of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers and our nationwide membership. The project is a critical source for referral and the gathering of resources that we use to provide support to Irish immigrants in the United States, served by our centers, particularly in relation to Irish citizens considering a return to Ireland. ”

Aileen Leonard DibraExecutive Director - Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers

“[Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project] is really informative. Great to know that there is always someone there to help. It makes it all less daunting.”

Client moving to Canada

“Crosscare Irish Diasora Support Project’s returning to Ireland webinar was brilliant - super helpful information presented in an accessible manner. Highly recommend this well executed presentation by a great team.”

Webinar ParticipantReturning to Ireland

“Organisations like Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project can help repair the disconnect many of the Irish diaspora experience from their homeland.”

Regional Training ParticipantDepartment of Foreign Affairs

"Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project should really be a first port-of-call for anyone thinking about returning..."

Matt and BernadineFrom My Home To Yours Podcast
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