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Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Project offers support to Irish citizens at all stages of their migration, prioritising the most vulnerable within the global Irish community. Our key service areas include Irish diaspora support, outreach, policy, research, and communications.

Irish Diaspora Support

We support Ireland’s diaspora by providing frontline welfare services including information, advocacy, and referral supports. Our areas of expertise include:

Leaving Ireland

  • Information provision for intending emigrants
  • Irish emigrant organisations and resources abroad
  • Working Holidays

Returning to Ireland

  • Access to emergency supports for people returning in crisis
  • Homeless services and social housing
  • Immigration pre-clearance and permission for non-Irish partners and spouses of Irish citizens
  • Practical information and guidance for returning emigrants
  • Medical cards and General Practitioner (GP) visit cards
  • Social welfare payments and the Habitual Residence Condition (HRC)

In keeping with our funding via the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme and Crosscare’s mission to help those most in need, we especially seek to engage vulnerable or marginalised members of the global Irish community.

Working collaboratively with Irish consular services and key agencies worldwide, we support Irish emigrants with complex needs relating to homelessness, mental and physical health, immigration permission, age, deportation, and violence. We offer individual advocacy supports to Irish citizens denied access to their rights and entitlements upon return to Ireland.


We connect with Irish diaspora organisations to build partnerships, establish referral pathways, and collaborate on joint projects. In particular, we maintain relationships with Irish consular services and Emigrant Support Programme-funded organisations around the world.

We share knowledge and expertise through the provision of partner resources and peer-training in our areas of focus. We aim to encourage best practices and support the collective capacity of Irish diaspora groups to promote positive outcomes for our shared target groups.

We strive to create networks in both traditional and non-traditional destinations for Irish emigrants and engage with less connected global Irish communities.

Policy and Research

We monitor emerging trends and undertake research to contribute to an expanded understanding of Ireland’s diverse diaspora. This informs our social policy work and the provision of our information service for Irish emigrants and returning emigrants.

At policy level, we promote solutions to recurring issues facing our clients. Guided by their needs and experiences, we identify barriers and campaign for change. We specifically advocate for policy reform around common challenges faced by returning Irish emigrants.

Read more about our policy and research initiatives here.


We endeavour to promote access to reliable information and encourage informed decision making around migration. Our website acts as a hub for our specialised information resources, and is complemented by our digital communications across social media.

By sharing engaging content for online audiences and hosting informational events for people who are leaving Ireland or returning from abroad, we grow awareness of our Irish diaspora support service with a view to reaching those most in need.

Our Impact

Policy and Research

Knowledge Hub



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